Why is it necessary to buy a painting?

still life

Pictures and objects of art are unfair to objects not of prime necessity. People strive to arrange their life, to acquire the necessary things, to plan funds for travel or training. The point «buy a picture» from many people is not even included in the plan of immediate actions. This is all right, no doubt about it. But the spiritual part of life is no less important than the material. Remember your feelings when you looked at the canvases of the great masters in the famous museum. Awe, admiration for skill and tangible energy. It is energy that makes painting so attractive. Imagine how the master reflected on the plot, made many sketches. He created countless sketches in search of composition. And, finally, I put all the potential into the picture, the contemplation of which you are now enjoying the chord.

tangerines in a basket

The master looks at you through the thickness of the centuries, touches you and speaks in the language of color and tone.
Painting is always energy. The energy of thought, the energy of creativity, the energy of the mood of the artist. By acquiring a picture you get a particle of the master’s worldview. And it is not so important that the work is only removed from the easel, or this is only a few years. Professional painting can be a great investment. Over time, it can grow significantly in price.
In addition, you can order a very specific plot, portrait composition, still life or landscape. The trend is again graphics and watercolor. The master will make a picture perfect for your order according to your interior.
And what a wonderful gift will be a portrait of a birthday man on his anniversary!

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