Vintage wall. Old plaster and bricks

Vintage wall. Old plaster and bricks

Unique interior decor. Original artwork. Texture paste, canvas on panel, oil. Vintage wall. Old plaster and bricks. Stylish room design element.
Original texture oil painting. Acrylic textured volumetric paste on a hard surface covered with cotton canvas.
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Price $200,00
Size: 1cm x 45cm x 60cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.5 kg
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What can old walls remember? The passing seasons … People who come into this world and leave it … Historical events … What else can the old walls know?
Oh, there are many secrets in the old walls! This is a passionate whisper of lovers, coupled with a burning
the warmth of bodies thirsting for each other. And tears of separation. And requests for a meeting. And hopes of loyalty
… If you touch a rough surface, you will feel the energy of the passage of time and subtle vibrations
human feelings. Elegant in a simple way.
Canvas on mdf, textured paste, oil. 45×60 cm. Series «Love Story»
vintage surface


Material Oil
Base type canvas on panel