The story of the creation of the surrealistic picture «Game over …?»

Painting «Game over…&». Oil on a stretcher canvas. 70×80 cm. Available

The surrealistic idea of the picture came up unexpectedly. But it were taking shape in my mind for a long time.

The picture is painted in deep blue tones. The background is outer space. The image of the Universe is personified in the form of the man with a piercing gaze. This man asks the viewer: «Shouldn’t this meaningless game of civilization come to end? Are you as great as you think about that?».
The Earth floats lonely in space with the risk of destruction by the one single movement of the almighty Absolute.

How do we live now? People mercilessly destroy their planet. They murder each other in military conflicts, pollute the oceans, cut down and burn down forests, kill animals … How much negativity does irrational humanity produce every second? We can’t exclude the possibility that at the one “fine” moment the Universe will not answer us the same?

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