Surrealism of emotions in the picture Empty Dreams

Empty dreams
Surrealistic painting Empty dreams

Extend your hand … No, both! You see? It’s my heart. Hold it! Watch out, please! It’s alive! Watch how it beats in your palms. I trust you so much that I let you touch him … It hurts him, he really hurts when you squeeze him with indifference. When you pour icy silence over him … When you play him like a soccer ball in Brazilian dust … Don’t you need it? Then I will take it … I will wash it with tears of despair and resentment … I will darn the lacerated wounds from your lies with the threads of love for God … And I will once again believe that the World is generous and limitless … Once again .. I will believe … ©
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Why is Lilith sad?

Oil painting portrait girl
Lilith portraiture. Oil,canvas.40x60cm

Phantom pains … They don’t let go. Almost a year has passed, but sometimes tearful melancholy come back. Everything is clear, and the stupid feeling that lyric poets love to sing has already died out and amputated.
… And everything was strange, and unpromising, and a hundred thousand of all kinds of “not” and “without” … But it hurts. Stupidly, in the background … The counter of lonely particles charged with crazy memories blinks. And treacherous tears are rolling due to the sad music from the Internet receiver … Everything seemed to go, let go, go. It forgotten, buried and sealed in a lead sarcophagus of sound thoughts and the present «here and now» … But no … The half-life continues, highlighting beautiful moments from the past …
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Painting Ohm. Surrealism or a quantum world order?

Surrealism in painting Ohm
Surrealistic blue oil painting «Ohm» 60х80cm. Available

When awareness comes, there is a ringing silence …
She vibrates somewhere deep inside with the velvety sound of «Ohm …». And you stand stunned by involvement in everything in the middle of a snowy park … And you see God, and you breathe God and hear his loving silence …
And eternal biblical truths become tangibly understandable. And I want to cry from the happiness of gaining … And irresistibly want to give and share, not poor, but filling …

international project All Women

Project Certificate All Women

Certificates came about my participation in the international project All Women. I was honored with audience sympathy and was awarded a special category and I am very pleased. I wish you all a wonderful mood!

The story of the creation of the surrealistic picture «Game over …?»

Painting «Game over…&». Oil on a stretcher canvas. 70×80 cm. Available

The surrealistic idea of the picture came up unexpectedly. But it were taking shape in my mind for a long time.

The picture is painted in deep blue tones. The background is outer space. The image of the Universe is personified in the form of the man with a piercing gaze. This man asks the viewer: «Shouldn’t this meaningless game of civilization come to end? Are you as great as you think about that?».
The Earth floats lonely in space with the risk of destruction by the one single movement of the almighty Absolute.

How do we live now? People mercilessly destroy their planet. They murder each other in military conflicts, pollute the oceans, cut down and burn down forests, kill animals … How much negativity does irrational humanity produce every second? We can’t exclude the possibility that at the one “fine” moment the Universe will not answer us the same?